Welcome to the UCLA Anderson Marketing Association

About the MA

The purpose of the Marketing Association (MA) is to gather the resources of students, faculty, alumni, friends, and employers to educate UCLA Anderson students about the field of marketing and to build the careers of our members. We are one of the largest student-run clubs at Anderson and currently have over 150 student members.

Our mission is threefold:
  • First, we educate UCLA Anderson students about the benefits of a marketing background for all types of careers including brand management, entrepreneurship, consulting, business development and general management.
  • Second, through seminars, resume assistance and interview workshops, we assist our members in aggressively promoting themselves for internships and full time positions.
  • Lastly, by partnering with the faculty, administration and admissions office to build the Anderson brand and by participating in industry events and conferences, we aim to drive awareness among corporate and prospective student communities that UCLA Anderson is a premier marketing institution.