Meet the MA Board 2017-18


Christa Beal


VP: Rebecca Katz

  • Develops messaging for prospective students and fields questions from prospective students
  • Participates in coffee chats and informational calls with prospective students to further the mission of the Anderson Admissions Ambassadors Corps (AAC)
  • Supports Anderson Days (A-days) and Admit Preview Day

VP: Kathryn Corcoran

  • Oversees and advises on outreach to marketing alumni
  • Updates alumni listserv and engages alumni through quarterly updates
  • Coordinates the mentorship program and supporting communication
  • Organizes events to keep alumni involved and promote interaction with current students: Fall Alumni Mixer, Dinners for Eight, etc.
Brand Management

VPs: Christina Brehm, Angela Chau, Judy Zhou

  • Maintains and improves the Marketing Association (MA) brand, including creation of promotional and programming materials
  • Coordinates faculty lunches
  • Coordinates mixers and happy hours
  • Manages internal and external communication through digital and social media via the external website, the Weekly Brand, Facebook and Twitter
  • Promotes and shares events via social media and the UCLA Anderson Blog
  • Shares marketing news
Career Development

VPs: Todd Choi, Jaimie Vartainian, Alex Verdaguer

  • Organizes events to prepare students for careers in marketing
  • Organizes 101 series and workshops: Digital Marketing, Ad Critiques, Case Frameworks, Making the Most of Your Summer Internship, Careers in Marketing
Case Competition & Faculty Engagement

VP: Victor Kang

  • Promotes case competitions and facilitate MA teams
  • Liaises with Marketing Department faculty to promote engagement and organize Marketing luncheons
Cross Club Collaboration

VPs: Adrienne Chang, Laura El Daher

  • Liaises with other Anderson clubs, such as Anderson Tech Business Association (AnderTech), Entertainment Management Association (EMA), Retail Business Association (RBA), for cross club events, including Cross Club Collaboration: Careers in Marketing
  • Collaborates with identity clubs to organize sessions such as “Diversity in Marketing”
  • Coordinates with other board members to position the Anderson Student Association (ASA) council for cross-collaboration funding
Events & Operations

VP: Betty Sheu

  • Coordinates with other board members to keep the MA running smoothly
  • Handles event logistics: room reservation, food orders, liaise with Student Affairs
  • Manages communication of events via the ASA digest and Master Calendar
FEMBA Relations

VPs: Stephanie Celotto, Erin Swan

  • Serves as a liaison between the MA and FEMBA students
  • Coordinates with the board to make MA events accessible through FEMBA-friendly scheduling and media siting
  • Organizes FEMBA-specific events and relationship-building between full time students and FEMBAs, such as the FEMBA Marketing Panel and Alumni Brunch
Finance & Membership

VP: Nic Mohadjer

  • Works closely with the President to monitor the budget and finances
  • Works closely with Recruiter Relations to invoice sponsoring companies
  • Manages membership and the club listserv
Interview Development

VP: Alexis Ryan

  • Identify Interview Prep Team (IPT) coaches, prepares weekly topics for IPT coaches and coordinates IPT sign-ups and rooms
  • Coordinates mock interviews with second year students
Recruiter Relations

VPs: Jen Ju, Alex Keyes, Sofia Virani

  • Facilitates opportunities for MA members to meet and network with leading marketing recruiters
  • Secures sponsorships and organizes Fall Career Night
  • Coordinates with Parker Career Management Center to arrange Days on the Jobs (DOJs)