Fall 2016 Highlights

By on January 2, 2017

Marketing Association Kick-Off & Etiquette Sessions – September 27th & October 1st, 2016

All new MA members who were planning to attend MA’s recruiting events gathered in our Kick-off night to hear more about the MA’s upcoming events, meet the board (and learn how they could be involved through the various director positions) and get a copy of the exclusive “So You Want to Be a Marketer?” handbook — a.k.a. the marketing recruiting manual.


Digital Marketing 101 Session – October 26th, 2016

MA members had the opportunity to attend a Digital Marketing 101 session led by BLITZ, a full-service digital ad agency located in LA. They learnt about basic digital marketing terminology, reviewed the high-level pros & cons of each digital channel, and analyzed a real life client strategy/case study that BLITZ was responsible for developing and executing.


Wine Tasting with the Wonderful Company, October 27th, 2016

The Wonderful Company hosted MA members at the wine tasting event!


Elite 8 Case Competition, Nov 5-6th, 2016

5 members of the Marketing Association represented Anderson at the Elite 8 case competition in Minnesota and won 3rd place! After spending about 24 hours locked in a windowless room, our team of Kathryn CorcoranJen JuAnita RahejaKaren Lin and Rebecca Hilton presented their ideas to a panel of judges and took home a sweet trophy.


Fall Career Night – Nov 10th, 2016

Anderson marketers take on brand management, innovation in marketing roles, and roundtable discussions with recruiters and alumni at our annual Fall Career Night.

Major thanks to our corporate sponsors and attendees from Clorox, E&J Gallo Winery, General Mills, Mattel, and Nestle for joining us and sharing about MBA opportunities in the traditional and emerging fields of marketing within their respective organizations.


Our keynote speaker, Renu Mevasse, Associate Director, Home Care Innovation at The Clorox Company


MA President Margaux LaPointe 2016-17 together with past presidents Chad Ries 2015-16 (Associate Brand Manager, Brita, The Clorox Company) and Tracy Alexandra Bjelland 2014-15 (Senior Associate Marketing Manager, General Mills)


MA President Margaux LaPointe delivers her welcome address



Cross Club Collaboration – Careers in Marketing, November 15th, 2016

Tonight was a great night for exploring various marketing functions within different industries at the Cross Club Collaboration: Careers in Marketing event.

Thanks to all the second years for making time to share their experiences at the panel & reception and to our Cross-Club Collaboration team (Mehak GargLaura El Daher & Allie Brodsky) for organizing!

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